Pat & Karen have been gardening for a combined total of 80 years.  Pat's experience started in Northern Wisconsin and Karen started in the same area that she is gardening now.  Karen is a Master Gardener and writes articles for "The Nebraskan".  We also do volunteer work with schools and 4-H groups.  We believe in raising healthy, organic produce that is 'Fresh from the Earth'.

Meet Pat & Karen Runkle, Owners 

Lil' Ladybug

God's Promise

       Lil' Ladybug was started 18 years ago when Pat wanted a fresh tomato on his hamburger.  Karen could not find one in the grocery store and a tomato business was formed.    That business grew into several areas - farmers' markets, a greenhouse full of flowers and vegetables so you can grow your own, and a pumpkin patch in the fall.     


    As we grow older, we find this a little harder to achieve.  We have sold 2 of our four high tunnels and last year was our last year for the Pumpkin Patch.

           HOWEVER, I find myself searching through the seed catalogues for flowers and vegetables that we want to grow this year.  I have made the decision to cut back on my greenhouse and only grow from seed.  I will offer these plants and planters at the Saturday farmers' market or by appointment.  

     Our tunnels will be planted to tomatoes and cucumbers in one of them and Broccoli, cauliflower, and other cole crops in the other one.  We are raising tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet corn, and green beans to sell to our customers.  Our goal for 2019 is to set up a Saturday morning farmers' market here at Lil' Ladybug Garden.  We want to invite local gardeners to come and sell their produce.  Hopefully, everyone can gather together each Saturday for fresh produce, learning experiences in the greenhouse, and fellowship.

  We are very proud of our business.  Stop by as we love to give tours.