Lots of Activities

* Straw stack for jumpin'

* Corn Tire for playin'

* Playground equipment

* Pumpkin Sling

* Hay Rides

* Animal Farm

* Paint pumpkins

* Face Painting

* Roast your Hotdog over an open fire.

THERE IS MORE - Too much to mention it all!


Enjoy some Good Ol' Fashioned Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

$6 a person 


$25 for immediate family


Open to the public

Friday - 1 to 6 pm

Saturday - 10 to 6 pm

Sunday - 1 to 6 pm 

Reserved for Private Group

​sorry these dates have been filled.......

Tuesdays through Friday mornings.

Must have reservation so call 308-763-1843

We have a Pumpkin 

Just for you!

sold by the pound