​       The plan is to offer these opportunities to learn new garden tips and tricks together.  I have had requests for the following classes.  I am open to other ideas if you will share them with me.

  1.  Fairy Gardens
  2. Cement planters
  3. Stepping stones
  4. Succulents

Watch for dates in the spring - Call me if you have other ideas.


Lil' Ladybug Greenhouse & Gardens

As we grow older we find that Lil' ladybug

Needs a facelift.  Come join us on this new journey.





Watch for our upcoming

​Community Farmer's Market

beginning  in June, 2019

We are looking for vendors that would like to sell their wares at our Farmer's Market.  

  • Extra garden produce
  • Baked Goods
  • Home made crafts
  • Jams, Jellies
  • I bet there are a lot of things we could sell.  Only thing I ask is that it is Home-grown or Home-made.

​Call me(308-763-1843) if your interested.

It is time to get this started so call me so we can discuss your needs this gardening season.  


Some easily seeded items include:

​*All vegetable plants 

*Bedding plants - zinnias, petunias, moss rose, salvia (things you would normally buy in a 4-pack.

* Wave Petunias 


*And much more.


     I am not going to run a "traditional" greenhouse this year.  By traditional, I mean that I am not going to fill the greenhouse full of bedding plants, hanging baskets, and flowers hoping to sell them to customers through the season.

​     INSTEAD, I am going to take orders for the plants you want me to raise.  I have had requests for tomato plants, peppers, and wave petunias at this time.  I will be happy to grow them for you.  I will grow everything from seed, which I have done before so there will be no specialty plug orders.


Our Country store has become a place to find a wide variety of products - 

  • Fruits & Vegetables in season
  • Jams & Jellies
  • Honey
  • Pickles
  • ​Herbs
  • Norwex

​Our Country Store will open this spring.